Aradi Neolog Zsinagóga - The Neolog Synagogue from Arad

The Neolog Synagogue from Arad - Tourist Attraction Sheet by Adela Arcereanu, Alternative Tourism Association Arad 2020

Objective name (photo)          Neolog Synagogue
Administrator / ownerArad Jewish Community
Contact Raoul Vizental – President; Dana Kalman - secretary
Contacts4.1. Address: Tribunul Dobra Street, no 10, Arad, Arad
4.2. Phone/fax: +40257281310
4.3. E-mail:
4.4. Web site: -
4.5. GPS coordinates: 46°10′07″N 21°19′03″E
4.6. More details:
Timetable and access fees5.1. Timetable: by request
5.2. Access fees: -
Historical attestation6.1. Construction start date: 1828
6.2. Construction completion date/inauguration: 1834
6.3. Architect: Domokos Heim
6.4. Architectural style: neoclassical, tuscan
6.4. LMI code: AR-ll-m-A-00573
Access Public transportation: Tram: 1,3,6,10,12 Car acces
Nearby sights (5)Casa cu lacat, Traian Bridge , Hirschl Theater, The Preparandia of Arad, Serbian Church, Serbian Episcopal Palace.
Accommodation and restaurants nearby8.1. Accommodation: Gio hotel, Coandi hotel.
8.2. Restaurants: Art Cafe, Ratio.
Details about the tourist objective (historic)9.1. Historic: The Neolog Synagogue is built between 1828-1834. - In 1740, the jewish community announces the Bratislava Housing Council as a jew woman, Nahuma, donated to the comunity a land to build a synagogue and demads fiscal facilities for this building.
- The first synagogue was made from wood, build in 1759.
- The jewish comunity grew, in 1828, numbering 812 jews, so the rabbi from that time Aaron Chorin decided to build a new synagogue. He started sending letters to the authorities and the building of new synagogue was approved, but the started of construction was delayed.
- The construction provided not only synagogue but also rabbi’s residence, classrooms and shops .
- The construction of synagogue began without authorizations, this is why it is hidden in the courtyard, but the synagogue was not finished.
- As a result Moses Hirschl went to Vienna to offer the emperor the new building, the offer being approved, the authotities could not not jews to finish the synagogue.
- A few years later, the orga was built.
- Currently the prayers for the jewish community from Arad are made from a rabbi from Timisoara. - Inside of synagogue, there are all kind of events of jewish community, but only in spring and summer because building doesn’t have a heating system.
9.2. References: Meeting and conversations at jewish community, others.